Top Most Underrated Places of Asia

If you had ever visited Asia and thought that your trip is complete then you should think again. Places like Pakistan, China, and Malaysia are known as the most underrated countries of Asia which will make you worthwhile if you ever make trips to these following places.

3. China

China is a country that is worth traveling. The country is filled with several cultures and traditions which will anyone convince to travel here and see where it’s leading. It is one of the oldest civilizations of the world which offers great experiences that will stay in your memory forever. The country will provide great adventures from places like the Great Wall of China to the city of Shanghai. China’s language replaces anyone in realism and competitiveness due to its world most ancient followed against any country in the world. However, China may be very far away to travel but it can be easily traveled. The international plane flights of the world connect China’s major cities like Beijing and Hong Kong.

2. Pakistan

Pakistan is the underrated country of South Asian Countries, jeweled and bestowed by plentiful nature and rich history but afflicted by the instability of their political powers which has made the country not to be present in the detection system but also hard to find for the tourists. Pakistan is originally known as a peaceful, hospitable and affectionate. The country was enlisted in Forbes coolest places to travel in 2019 There is a lot to discover in Pakistan places like the Karakoram valley, the border passes and the northern mountainous regions, the cold deserts, the green valleys, the cultural heritage sites, museums of Pakistan. The Indus Valley Civilization and Mehrgarh Civilization originated here, It is the place where Buddhism was born.

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1. Malaysia

Energetic cities, great food, breathtaking coastal areas, perfect islands and dynamic parks, tamed rainforests all of these places can be easily found in Malaysia. The country is located in the south of Asia next to Indonesia. Malaysia has originally known the climate heaven of South Asia. It is well-known for its coastal areas, tamed wild areas, and is very wealthy in its beauty and breathes taking views. The world’s most impressive twin towers are located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur which should be seen once in a lifetime. Whether you are hiking or surfing or just want to have a cocktail in against beautiful sun then the country of Malaysia is the one you should choose. The currency of Malaysia is the Malaysian Ringgit. The whole of the world can easily travel because most cities in the world can easily travel to Malaysia without a Visa which makes the country incredibly peaceful in terms of traveling.

Festivals Celebrated Across the Middle East

Festivals are celebrated across the globe even in places with strict culture and tradition like the Middle East. Yes, even the Middle East finds time to enjoy and showcase its culture through music, foods, cultural presentation, and the likes.  If you want to have a first-hand experience as to how people in the Middle East celebrate festivals, then come to these parts of the Middle East. Keep in mind that there is a specific time of the year for such festivals.

Image result for festival celebration in middle east

1.    WickerPark Festival, Lebanon – It is a celebration of music and art featuring the local and homegrown bands in Lebanon. Aside from music, you also get to see the country’s work of arts. There are independent vendors where you can buy the local’s work of art. It takes place every September of the year in Batroun, PATA formerly Daou Garden.

2.    Cairo Jazz Festival, Egypt – It is a celebration of Jazz music happening every October of the year. It was founded by Amro Salah; a pianist, composer, and producer. It is a way of paying tribute to the unique form of music and participated by musicians all across the globe. It is a three-day event held at the venue hall of Greek Campus and the Cairo Jazz Club.

3.    Taste of Dubai, UAE – It is a three-day event featuring Dubai’s foods, drinks, and music. Be prepared to come to Taste of Dubai as you will witness the finest cuisines prepared by world-class celebrity chefs. There will also be live cooking demonstrations.

4.    RedFestDXB, UAE – it is the biggest two-day music festival in Dubai. It showcases both local and international artists. It takes place every February of the year. Aside from music, you can also enjoy regional foods sold at a reasonable price.

5.    Qatar International Food Festival, Qatar – This festival features not only great foods but for exceptional entertainment too. If you are in Qatar, make sure you do not miss this event. You will be able to experience a culinary show off in three locations: MIA Park, Katara, and the Pearl Qatar.

6.    Awafi Festival, UAE – It is an annual festival showcasing history and culture in the form of outdoor sports. It is celebrated every summer and known for its competitions to scale the tallest sand dunes using improvised vehicles. Awafi festival also showcases art exhibitions, a Heritage Village show, and the main bazaar. It takes place in Ras al-Khaimah desert.

Avoid Doing This in United Arab Emirates

There are sets of rules that should be followed when visiting a foreign country, especially countries with strict rules such as countries in the Middle East. If you are traveling to United Arab Emirates, you have to make sure you do your research ahead of time, get to know the place, especially the rules so as to avoid doing things that could probably put you in trouble. Some of the things you should not be doing when in UAE are the following:

·     Do not drink alcoholic beverage in public – There are bars and clubs in UAE that serve alcoholic drinks. However, as a visitor, you need to make sure you will not drink more than what you can handle. More so, you should not drink alcoholic beverages in places where it is not being sold such as public beaches.

·     Do not eat outside during fasting – The holy month of Ramadan is celebrated in all Islam countries. During such time, Islam believers fast from sunrise to sunset. During those hours, restaurants close their doors and cover their windows as a way of showing their respect to Islam believers. When visiting UAE during the month of Ramadan, you should not eat and drink in public places. As a matter of fact, you should not even chew gums as doing so is disrespectful.

·     Do not spread rumors – Nobody loves rumors except the paparazzi. Don’t you know that in UAE spreading rumors is illegal? It can put you in jail, especially if you get involved in cyberbullying. Aside from a minimum of three years’ jail time, you will also ask to pay a fine of up to one million dirhams.

·     Do not display your affection in public – holding hands, kissing, and hugging in public is a big no in UAE. As a matter of fact, even a couple kissing in public could be put in jail. If you are in public such as in a club or a bar and you had too much to drink, you could have put yourself in a situation where you become touchy to others.

·     Do not take pictures of random people without their permission – Taking a photo of people without their permission is a crime under cyber crime law. You will need to pay a fine and up to six months in prison.

·     Do not bring prescription medicines without paperwork – If you are on a prescription drug, make sure you bring the necessary paperwork with you when traveling to UAE. Not bringing the necessary paperwork could put you in trouble.

·     Do not wear revealing clothing – Avoid wearing too revealing clothing, especially in solemn places such as the mosque. Shorts and bikinis are allowed at the beach, but even so, you need to be cautious with what you wear. When visiting the malls, you should avoid wearing shorts. Wearing modest clothing can save you from troubles.

The UAE has an extremely strict cultural lifestyle and they are to be followed at all times. If you happen to stumble in the UAE, then you’ll want to adapt to your surroundings as quickly as possible to avoid clashing with locals.